Meet Us 

Meet our family: Ronnie, Kat, and Finley Roberts. Ronnie was born and raised in Austin, TX. Kat is a Louisianian, but got here as fast as she could. We were married in 2010, and Finley arrived in 2014. We now live just outside of Buda, TX.

Ronnie was raised in the industry, installing AC units and climbing through attics from a young age. Kat married into the family business, and tries her best to keep the paperwork (and the boys) in line.

When not working we can usually be found in a tent or on a trail. Frequent visits to the wonderful state and county parks in the area consume our weekends, while cycling and day hikes at the greenbelt sustain us through the slow days.

If you see us, please say hi!

As of April 2019, we've grown by 1 furry child. Sully, our new pup, likes to eat our things, but is learning.